“I walked away from this training with tools I could implement immediately in my daily work as a Child Life Specialist for the pediatric hematology/oncology population. Beyond learning adaptable skills to support patients at varying stages of treatment, Lisa demonstrated effective methods to present ‘yoga’ to patients in a non-intimidating and accessible to all manner. The mindfulness components of her training have been the MOST helpful as they have empowered children to cope with extremely difficult procedures. The developmentally appropriate meditation techniques presented in Lisa’s training have also been extremely beneficial to facilitate patients’ coping with the stress and anxiety related to the hospital and a cancer diagnosis. Since returning and implementing this training, I have felt more equipped to empower these kiddos that are truly fighting the hardest battles!”
Amy Garcia MS, CCLS, Certified Child Life Specialist, University Medical Center Cancer Center
Lubbock, TX

“I have been incorporating A LOT of mindfulness and breath awareness to my elementary classes and it has been going fantastically!”
Summer Beasley, Dance and Movement Teacher

“Such an awesome workshop! The training was so well-balanced and filled me with energy and enthusiasm. I am so excited to be a part of YoYo Yoga.”
Anna Borys, Occupational Therapist

“Thank you very much for coming today and presenting the classroom yoga. I’m feeling very refreshed and excited to share yoga with our students.” Leah Corey, School Social Worker

“This was THE BEST professional – and personal – development I have attended in a long, long time.”Veronica Palmer, Early Childhood Behavioral Specialist

“I have to say, I am completely blown away with Lisa Roberts’ knowledge and skill to connect children, yoga, breath, mindfulness, love and play. She is a gift to the St. Louis community. Sharing this gift with us will support bringing yoga to children early in life. A tool that I most certainly could have benefited from at an early age; I am very excited to share what I have learned.”
Jill Voyles, Yoga and Pilates Instructor and Mama

“Lisa Roberts, you are a ray of sunshine, a pioneer and a wealth of knowledge; your YoYo Yoga School curriculum is fantastic. Benefits of yoga for kids and teens with appropriate practices to support each developmental stage. Learning to share yoga through play, dance, song, storytelling and popular children’s themes and using music, art and crafts. Gaining confidence to safely and effectively teach kids yoga that is accessible and inclusive for all settings including the classroom, the pediatric office and community settings. And wrapping up with being able to create yoga, breathing, meditation and relaxation breaks for kids of all ages.” Anu French, Integrative Pediatrician

“This training experience was incredible – I learned so much and walked away with multiple ideas I can use in my job as a behavioral health therapist to children and adolescents. In the two weeks since the training, I’ve used at least one idea from the workshop every day! I would strongly recommend this wonderful opportunity to anyone who works with kids or has even a small interest in yoga.”
Nicole Shields, Behavioral Therapist

“Lisa Roberts is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to therapeutic yoga for children. She offers gentle guidance through organized structure and makes participation fun. Lisa encourages her students to embrace their inner child and discover the fun of life in a playful and energetic atmosphere.”
Erin Crim, Yoga Teacher and Mama

“I have been working with the material a lot in order to prepare for a new course I’m teaching at my school. I feel like I have tons of strategies I can use from day one.”
Michelle Dempsey, Physical Education Teacher

“I incorporated several techniques learned in my parenting class and they were WELL received by parents.”
Suzanne Tucker, Positive Parenting Coach, Physical Therapist


  1. I am interested in Professional Development for staff at my school/hospital/clinic, how can I learn more? For more information on Professional Development please contact Lisa Roberts directly @ Lisa@yoyoyogaschool.com
  2. Are Professional Development Trainings in-person or via video-conferencing? Both. Lisa Roberts travels all over the world leading professional development and family wellness seminars in person. As this may be prohibitively expensive for smaller organizations, video conferencing can be arranged for training sessions.
  3. Will I be certified to teach yoga to children upon completion of a YoYo seminar or professional development training? A certificate of completion will be issued upon completion of all professional development trainings. This will confirm learning objectives, contact hours and that you have completed a Movement, Meditation and Mindfulness training studying under Lisa Roberts at YoYo Yoga LLC. You will not be able to register with the Yoga Alliance as a yoga teacher or children’s yoga teacher. 
  4. I’m a yoga teacher, can I earn Yoga Alliance continuing education credits? Yes! Lead trainer Lisa Roberts is a YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider) and will provide a certificate of completion including contact hours for each training completed.