• Thanksgiving Game for Kids

    I love to play the following game “Bird on a String” during the Thanksgiving holiday. Renaming it “Turkeys and Twine” – no stuffing required! — it’s an absolute hit in the fun department and demonstrates how children can utilize the breath as a tool to feel great and in control. 

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    I hope you and your family enjoy Turkeys and Twine, and have a very happy Thanksgiving.

    In gratitude,

    Lisa Roberts 

    Bird on a String

    What is Bird on a String?  Bird on a String is a group activity that begins with a craft to make your flock and ends with a fun game demonstrating the power of good breathing skills.

    How does it help me?  

    You may not realize it, but you have the power of the wind within you. And, unlike the wind that moves the trees outside on a windy day, you have complete control of it! Sometimes we forget this and get a little lazy and breath shallow, but when we play this game we have to act like the wind to safely move our little bird from one tree to the next. This gives us really good practice at controlling our breath and seeing just how powerful it really is. Play around with it – what kind of breath moves your bird safely from one tree the next without ruffling its feathers or pooping out the wind!

    What will I Need:

    • Large Button
    • Colorful Feathers
    • Glue
    • Twine
    • A Minimum of Three Players

    How do I do it?

    First you need to make your bird: Glue two feathers to each button to make wings. Allow glue to set before playing.

    Let’s Play Bird on a String:

    • Players one and two stand a few yards from each other holding the piece of twine taught between them. These are the trees. (For added challenge, once the game begins, player one and two can hold tree pose).
    • Place “Bird” on the length of twine by threading the twine through one of the buttonholes.
    • Player three is the wind. The winds job is to help the “bird” to fly by gently and steadily blowing it from one tree to the other. Switch until each player has played the wind and each tree has caught a bird.
    • Try different breathing techniques to see which moves your bird better.
    • Does a short, sharp burst-type of breath move your bird?
    • Does a nice long, steady breath move it better?
    • Notice how you, as the wind, feel too!
    • If the wind gets tired, the bird will never make it across to the other tree – so find a breath that moves the bird along without tiring you out!
    • And if the bird’s feathers get ruffled it may get mad… or even sad. We don’t want that!
    • So we need to find a breath that works for the bird and the wind…. And the poor old trees holding tree pose!


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