• Thanksgiving Kiddos Lesson Plan

    • Playlist: Thanksgiving Yoga Kids (See Link Below)
    • Age: up to 10
    • 45-60 mins
    • Props: Feathers, straws, twine, buttons with feathers glued on (pre-made)

    Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on all we are grateful for – family, friends, our home, food etc. Traditionally, it was a time to come together and celebrate the abundance of the harvest from the year prior. In modern times we still gather together to prepare and enjoy a feast with loved ones. Let’s begin preparing our Yoga Thanksgiving:

    Belly Breathing – BIG Turkey Belly; fill it up and empty it out!

    Yoga: Prepare thanks giving meal

    Modified Sunshine Breath – Inhale, sweep arms overhead gathering a vegetable for our salad. Exhale, lower hands to deposit vegetable in salad bowl. Have each child name a vegetable.
    Seated Twist – Toss Salad – Hands rest on shoulders, inhale center and exhale to twist right, inhale center, exhale twist left, repeat x 3
    Hip Circles – Mix in Dressing

    Chair Pose – Hook thumbs at sacrum and fan out fingers, keep knees bent and take baby steps and gobble.
    Hold Chair Pose – Release hands gently tap head plucking turkey feathers.
    Prasarita Halfway – Put turkey in the oven
    Wide Leg Forward Fold – take rest as Turkey roasts. (Fists rest in elbows)
    Prasarita Halfway– take turkey from oven
    Half Hero Pose RS – Turkey leg!
    Forward Fold RS – Gobble Turkey Leg
    Switch! Half Hero Pose LS – Turkey leg!
    Forward Fold LS – Gobble Turkey Leg
    Semi-Reclined Hero – Lean back on elbows. Whole turkey!
    Hero – Gentle Belly Massage (Right to left) – all that turkey!

    Let’s give our tummies a rest while we cook dessert. Apple pie!

    Where do the apples come from to make our apple pie?
    Child’s pose – SEED
    Massage – RAIN
    Malasana – SPROUT SEED
    • Rise to TREE– grow branches and shake apples out

    Lower to belly and get ready to bake our pie!
    Floor Bow Pose – Roll the dough front and back, side to side
    • Flip to back, hug knees into chest and Rock’n’Roll
    Savasana – Lay the pie out flat, bake and cool (teacher fans children – encourage them to keep eyes closed and notice the sensations of the cool breeze; how it feels on skin etc.)

    Catch a Turkey – (Need Three Players; Twine and Turkey (Button with Feathers Glued on)

    Two Players Hold Tree Pose: Place Turkey on length of twine and have the trees each hold one end of the twine; Third player is the wind and blows the “turkey” from one tree to the other. Switch until each player has played the wind and each tree has caught a turkey.

    Practice kindness, gratitude, understanding and acceptance.

    • What did we pluck from the turkey? Feathers!
    • Distribute colorful feathers but do not allow color choice!

    • Encourage children to be grateful for the feather they have. Then ask, “If you really would like a certain color feather, ask someone who has that color kindly and nicely if you may swap.”

    • Express genuine gratitude to the person who swapped feathers with you.

    • If they cannot swap because it is their favorite color too – be understanding and thank them for considering your request.

    • Whether you ended up with the color feather you wanted or not, can you be grateful for the feather you have and all the wonderful things it can do?

    • Let’s play with feathers! Play Feather Breath, Feather Storm and Magic Feather Massage! (See Breath Play and Relaxation and Meditation Sections for these techniques)

    Slowly bring the children back to a circle encourage them to take turns (use talking stick if necessary, so each child truly has their own time to speak and all others listen deeply as their fellow yogi speaks).

    What are you grateful for? Take turns – e.g. “I am grateful for my breath. When I breathe in, I create space in my body and it expands and grows tall; and when I breathe out, I feel calm and relaxed.”

    PLAYLIST: (Link Below) I play this on loop during the intro/breathing, yoga and games segments of this class plan. While the kids are relaxing in savasana, I lower the volume and have them focus on the sensation of being fanned rather than sounds.

    Thanksgiving Kids Yoga

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