• Toe-Ga – Yoga for the Toes

    Toe-Ga — Yoga for your toes… and your feet… and your core… and co-ordination… and FUN!

    (Stretches toes and feet; Fosters healthy toe spacing; Core strength; Coordination)

    The humble toe is often forgotten when it comes to stretching, crammed in shoes for long periods they really need and benefit from a good stretch. Healthy spacing of the toes reduces the likelihood of athlete’s foot, hammertoes and calluses. Additionally, meridian points in the feet govern every system in the body – stretching and stimulating these points benefits the entire body!

    Toe-ga is easy to play – you’ll need some colorful craft pom-poms and a partner.

    Pick up a pom-pom using the only the toes and pass it back and forth to a partner, using only your toes!

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