• Turkey Mudra – Just in Time for the Holiday

    Garuda is the king of birds and the air – this mudra is invigorating and stimulating. It activates circulation, invigorates the organs and balances energies on both sides of the body and brain. It also promotes clear-sightedness and an ability to take only what is needed (an important lesson during a holiday that places an emphasis on a large, heavy meal), resulting in contentment.

    1. Clasp thumbs with the right hand stacked on top of left.
    2. Begin holding this mudra over the lower abdomen for 10 breaths.
    3. Move up to navel and repeat.
    4. Move up to solar plexus and repeat.
    5. Move to sternum and rest left hand against sternum and extend fingers toward the shoulders, like wings.

    Woops! We had the hands flipped in this shot -- right hand stacks on top of left for this mudra!

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