• Turkeys and Twine – Thanksgiving Fun for Kids

    Kids will gobble up this fun turkey breathing game! Begin class with a craft to make your flock (no stuffing required!) and end with a fun game that teaches breathing skills. These fun and fabulous little turkeys are sure to get a presidential pardon and remain a favorite year after year.

    You Will Need:

    Large Buttons
    Colorful Feathers
    A Minimum of Three Players

    Make Your Turkey:

    Glue two feathers to each button to make wings.
    Allow glue to set before playing (a good time to practice some Gratitude Yoga – be sure to check out next week’s post “Thanksgiving Yoga Class Plan” for ideas)

    Turkeys ‘n’ Twine

    1. Players One and Two hold Tree Pose.
    2. Place “Turkey” on length of twine by threading twine through one of the button holes.
    3. Each “tree” holds one end of the twine.
    4. Player Three becomes the wind and blows the “turkey” from one tree to the other. Switch until each player has played the wind and each tree has caught a turkey.

    Our Nashville, TN YoYo’s Playing Turkey’n’Twine Introduction to Kids Yoga, August 2017

    Book: Teach Your Child Meditation





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