Family Wellness Seminars

Family First: Inspiring playful fun for the whole family, with oodles of benefits!

Designed to meet the wellness needs of your employees and their families, YoYo Yoga seminars are an essential addition to your corporate health and wellness program. Select from YoYo Yoga’s signature seminars (outlined below), or contact us to discuss a seminar tailored to meet the specific needs of your employees. In addition to family focused content, Lisa speaks to adults about incorporating mindfulness and wellness into their daily routines.

Led by pediatric yoga specialist and author, Lisa Roberts, YoYo Yoga’s family focused seminars include age-appropriate yoga-based Movement, Meditation, and Mindfulness activities to playfully engage kids while supporting healthy development and overall wellness. And don’t be fooled, beyond helping their own children, adults benefit from this seminar too! Based on traditional yoga and mindfulness practices disguised as fun and play, many adults prefer to practice children’s yoga — because, to quote a 4yr old client, “it’s funner”!

ADULT FOCUSED Program #1 Meditation for Busy Adults

You’ve heard about the benefits of meditation but simply do not have time to add one more thing to your overloaded “to do” list? Well, think again. This training demystifies and simplifies meditation for busy adults. Learn effective methods to bring mindfulness and meditation into your daily routine without changing a thing. Manage stress and remain focused, centered and present throughout the day, no matter how busy you are.

Includes how to:

  • Turn routine daily tasks into meditation opportunities
  • Identify sensory triggers that either support or deflect mindfulness
  • Shift automatic responses from reactive to reflective and effective
ADULT FOCUSED Program #2 Hit Reset: Movement, Mindfulness and Meditation in the Workplace

Physical and mental stress in the workplace negatively impacts employee well-being, morale, and ultimately, productivity.  The human body was not designed to sit at a desk, in a car, or hunched over a computer for long hours; it has been scientifically proven that the brain’s ability to focus on tasks diminishes without mental breaks. Working long hours without physical activity and regular mental breaks is counterintuitive to a healthy and productive work environment. Hitting the reset button throughout the day will keep you fresh, focused and feeling good while supporting creative and strategic thinking and the ability to process and retain new information.

Hit Reset includes tools and techniques that can be accessed throughout your work day to provide essential brain and body breaks to reduce physical tension, improve posture, counter repetitive movements and body positioning, increase blood flow and boost oxygen levels to the body and brain.

Learn basic yoga-based stretches that can be accessed sitting in a chair or at a desk to support the whole body. Includes exercises to counter eye strain from computer use to techniques to counter repetitive movements and body positioning. Beyond stretching, yoga provides meditation in motion and capitalizes on physical stretching to incorporate breathing and mindfulness skills to increase oxygen levels, deactivate stress breathing patterns, and focus the mind.

Q&A time allows participants to ask how to adapt techniques to their unique work environment.


  • Accessible breathing and meditation techniques that can be practiced anywhere
  • Effective seated stretching routines suitable for the office setting
  • How to adapt these effective techniques to your unique work-setting


Family Wellness Program #1 The Kids are Alright: Just Breathe: Teaching Kids How to Access this Vital Tool When They Need it the Most

Learning how to breathe can sound both redundant and boring, especially to kids. If you are reading this, there’s a pretty good chance you are breathing, but are you breathing well? This training explores how to recognize stress breathing and fight-or-flight responses in the body and provide the skills to self-regulate responses by accessing the breath. The importance of utilizing breathing skills to support emotional well-being and mental health in children and adults will be discussed. Includes demonstrations of engaging activities designed to teach kids how to recognize stress breathing patterns, and how to self-regulate responses by shifting to mindful breathing. Using the breath as a tool to regulate energy and arousal levels in children will also be demonstrated.

Includes how to:

  • Age-appropriate tools to regulate your child’s energy and arousal levels
  • Tools to teach kids mindfulness and self-regulation life-skills
  • Playful and age appropriate techniques to engage the whole family in mindful breathing
Family Wellness Program #2 The Kids are Alright: Focus and Centering Techniques for Busy, Fidgety Kids

Pediatric yoga specialist, Lisa Roberts discusses how movement, meditation, and mindfulness CAN be adapted to appeal to and support children who may need extra support when it comes to focus. For example, children with ADD/ADHD and sensory processing diagnoses. Typical children (and adults) will benefit from the techniques covered in this discussion and demonstration, let’s face it, the ability to concentrate or remain focused on tasks does not come naturally to most of us!

Some kids simply do not know what to do with their body and do not understand that they do have the ability to control their reactions, responses and movements. This training will provide you with the tools to set your child up for success with simple movement and focused-based activities he can easily access throughout his/her day to feel grounded, laser-focused, and in control.

Worried your child can’t or won’t sit still to learn mindfulness skills? – This training is definitely for you! Demystifying what meditation is and meeting children where they are at is Lisa Roberts’ specialty – this training will provide you with the tools to set your child up for success and teach mindfulness skills that are appropriate to his learning style and ability.


  • Multiple techniques to support your child’s ability and skill development
  • Effective strategies to stock your child’s toolbox with movement, mindfulness and meditation tools
  • Simple yoga-based movements, sequenced to provide a balance of sensory input to help kids’ feel organized and centered throughout the day
Family Wellness Program #3 The Kids are Alright: Tech Support: Maintaining Healthy Necks, Spines, Hands, Eyes and Brains in a Tech-Laden World

Learn how to teach your kids (and yourself) to support the physical body while using technology. Includes a discussion on the importance of unplugging from electronics, taking regular technology breaks — and how to get your kids to do it.

This family centered training truly benefits the whole family! No matter what age you are, the takeaway techniques learned in this training translate to the office, school or home setting, and just about anywhere a computer, smart phone, tablet or gaming system may be accessed. Learn how to utilize vital technology mini-breaks to improve posture, counter hunched shoulders, stiff necks, tired eyes and strained wrists, as well as improve focus and cognitive processing.

Includes how to:

  • Provide children with a set of tools they can easily access when using technology
  • Improve posture and introduce vital breaks to improve focus and cognitive processing
  • Teach children the importance of self care and unplugging from technology
Family Wellness Program #4 The Kids are Alright: Stress-busters: Movement, Mindfulness and Meditation Skills that Move Kids from Stressed Out to Chilled Out

 Discuss stress and anxiety triggers and how symptoms of stress and anxiety can manifest in children physically, mentally and behaviorally (physical tension, disrupted sleep, tummy troubles, acting out, withdrawing socially etc.). Identify stress and anxiety responses in children – including subtle changes, and learn how to help kids identify stress or anxiety triggers and respond in a healthy way.

Learn tension busting strategies and calming techniques that can be practiced together as a family and shared with children to stock proverbial toolboxes with vital skills that can be accessed anytime kids need to destress and calm down. *Includes therapeutic yoga practices designed for children to support secondary stress symptoms such as insomnia and digestive problems.

Encourage kids to feel comfortable talking about stress and anxiety, and learn how to listen and respond to your children with tools that support their needs.

*Practices offered in this training are suggested as support for symptomatic relief and are not intended to treat or diagnose medical conditions. A doctor or medical professional must be consulted prior to practicing these techniques with your child.

Includes how to:

  • Utilize a body movement and mindfulness-based strategies to conquer physical and mental stress
  • Teach children to shift responses from reactive to reflective
  • Access therapeutic yoga-based practices to support secondary symptoms related to stress and anxiety


Family Wellness Program #5 The Kids are Alright: Goodnight All: Sleeping Skills for Families and Kids

Learn why quality sleep is important for children and adults and how to attain it. This training includes gentle stretching routines appropriate for bed and nap time to release stored-up tension from the day and prepare the body and mind for sleep. Age appropriate adaptations for young children and tweens/teens will be demonstrated to engage children and support their developmental needs. Breathing and guided relaxation techniques appropriate for each stage will also be discussed and demonstrated, supporting beneficial night and nap time experiences for families, and a good night’s sleep for all.


  • Stretches, breathing and relaxation techniques to prepare the body for a good night’s sleep
  • Sensory support tips to improve sleep
  • How to adopt a family-friendly bedtime routine and stick to it
  • How to adjust to curveballs such as travel/time-zone changes