• Winter Olympic Themed Yoga for Kids

    The Winter Olympics will be hosted in South Korea from Feb 9th through 25th — here is a fun kids’ yoga class themed around the Winter Olympics to share the excitement of the games with the kids you work with.

    Stay tuned for more fun yoga tips — next week, we’ll have some Valentine’s themed fun ready for you and your kiddos. And the following week, I’ll elaborate on a couple of the games/techniques described in this post “Rainbow Breath” and “Scarves” so you and your kids can continue celebrating the Olympics.

    WINTER Olympic Yoga

    INTRO/CENTER: Olympic Introduction – Where are Winter Olympics being held this year? PyeongChang, South Korea

    How to get there? People Powered Plane – sit in hero, INHALE flap arms up and stand on knees. EXHALE lower to sit on heels flap arms down (OR Balloon Breaths)


    Motto for 23rd Olympics Passion. Connected – Let’s play a fun game to connect with each other! Scarves – Colorful Flags of Olympic Teams 

    Sights of Olympic Host City

    PyeongChang, Gangwon-do is located in the Taebaek Mountains – A mountain range covered in forests. The four most prominent peaks are Mt. Seoraksan (1,708m); Mt. Kumgangsan (1638m) and Mt. Taebaeksan (1566.7m), Mt. Odaesan (1563m). Two of South Korea’s most important rivers originate in the mountains – Han River and Nakdong River

    Mountain Pose

    Tree Pose

    River Pose

    Light the Torch – Sunshine Breath

    Pass the Torch – Lateral Bends in Wave from One Person to Next

    Firework Breath – Celebrate the Opening Ceremony!


    Skiing – CHAIR POSE – Exhale chest to knees arms back, Inhale squat, lift arms

    MOUNTAIN – Still and strong, breathe.

    Ski Jumping – Warrior III – Tip forward from standing mountain with arms reached overhead. Repeat both sides.

    Snowboarding – Warrior I – II – Reverse – PIVOT FEET, REPEAT other side.

    Figure Skating – DANCER and TREE Repeat both sides

    Ice Hockey – Lateral Bends – Hockey Stick

    Speed Skating – Janu Sirsana – Put skates on, lace up and glide

    Luge – Half Boat (canoe)

    Relax – Make a Snow Angel (arms and legs expanded, regular snow angel. CORE/SIDE stretch Snow Angel – knees bent, feet touch in baddha konasana, hands to head, elbows bent – elbow and knee to meet alternate sides.)

    SAVASANA: Close eyes, rest from all the sport.


    Group Bobsleigh – Rollercoaster Game

    Curling – PomPom w/Straw Game


    Rainbow Breath – imagine the colorful flags and national costumes celebrate the Olympics!

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