• Woot! It’s official – Lisa’s new book releases world-wide TODAY!

    Happy June 4th! If you preordered Teach Your Child Yoga (Sterling 2019), it should be on its way to you today. Yay!

    To celebrate the launch of the new book we are sharing the following guided relaxation, I-pad Reboot and Recharge. An abridged version can be found in the new book, along with a whole host of fun kids’ yoga poses, breathing and relaxation techniques, games, and complete yoga sequences to support wellness in kids and help with all kinds of issues, from allergies and colds to tummy troubles to countering the effects of using technology (think yoga for brains, eyes, hands, and neck!).

    If you haven’t ordered the book yet, you can find it at Amazon, Barnes and Noble or any book seller near you.

    Here’s a little guided relaxation for the techies in your life:

    All kids know that if they don’t close down apps and recharge their electronics, they run slow, sluggish or the battery dies. When I explain that their minds and bodies are no different, they ‘get it’ right away. Besides, it is a lot of fun and very relaxing… for BIG kids too!

    I-Pad Reboot and Recharge?
    I-Pad Reboot and Recharge is a progressive relaxation technique where the focus is on closing down each applications running in the mind and body, leaving kids feeling refreshed, recharged and revitalized.

    How does it help me?
    Have you ever left your I-pad (I-pod, computer, phone etc.) on all day and night and not recharged it? The battery ran out, right? Well, people are not much different. Our minds and bodies are very busy machines that work really hard, to keep them functioning at an optimal level we need to unplug and rest up every now and then.

    By mentally scanning the entire body and visiting one area at a time you will become aware of areas or “hot spots” where you carry tension and can consciously release these areas. Sometimes we leave apps running when we are not using them – for example: the mind might chatter away when we are trying to sleep or focus on something! This technique teaches you the skills required to be in control and enjoy a deeply meditative and relaxing experience for the mind and the body. Reboot and Recharge!

    How do I do it?
    • Begin in a comfortable position – preferably lying on your back. If this is not possible, sit comfortably in a chair, both feet in contact with the floor, spine naturally erect, shoulders and arms relaxed, hands resting in lap.
    • Close the eyes and begin to observe the natural rhythm of your breath, following each inhale and exhale as they naturally occur for about one minute.
    • Take a deep inhale and open the mouth and exhale with an open-mouth sigh, allowing the body to release as you exhale. Repeat x 3
    • Imagine you are and I-pad, you’ve been working hard, almost all of your apps are open or running and your battery is fading. WE need to close down your apps and charge you up so you will feel like new again. Let’s journey through the apps and close each one down by focusing on it and allowing it to relax.

    1. The Head. Let’s relax the whole head. Allow it to rest and reboot.
    2. Scalp and the Hair are sub-apps of the head so let’s close those down too. Imagine the scalp and hair relaxing and closing down for a rest.
    3. The Brain. Imagine the brain resting inside the skull; supported, allow it to relax.
    4. The Mind – a sub-app of the Brain, allow it to relax too. It may try to turn itself back on, but just allow it to fade. You can do it. Fade the app of your brain and allow it to rest.
    5. The Face app. A busy app – let’s allow it to close down and rest.
    6. The sub-apps for the Face – let’s allow each once to relax and rest. Close them down on-by-one – The Temples. The Forehead. The Eyebrows. The Eyeballs. The Eyelashes. The Nose. The Cheeks. The Mouth. The Teeth. The Tongue. The Jaw. The Ears.
    7. The Neck and Throat app. Allow those to switch off and begin to relax.
    8. The Collarbone app, let it relax.
    9. The Shoulder app and the shoulder blade app – allow them to relax and rest.
    10. The Right Arm app. Allow it to close down and relax. The Right Arm sub apps – Upper Arm. Elbow. Forearm. Hand. Palm. Fingers. Thumb.
    11. The Chest and Torso App, feel them relax as they close down.
    12. The Left Arm app. Allow it to close down and relax. The Left Arm sub apps – Upper Arm. Elbow. Forearm. Hand. Palm. Fingers. Thumb.
    13. The Mid Back App, allow it to relax and close down.
    14. The Belly app, allow it to relax and close down.
    15. The Low Back app, allow it to relax and close down.
    16. The Hips app, allow the hips to switch off and relax.
    17. The Right Leg app, allow it to close down and relax. The Right Leg sub apps – Thigh. Knee. Calf. Shin. Ankle. Foot. Toes. Allow each sub app to relax and rest.
    18. The Left Leg app, allow it to close down and relax. The Right Leg sub apps – Thigh. Knee. Calf. Shin. Ankle. Foot. Toes. Allow each sub app to relax and rest.

    • Connect the whole body together. Imagine the whole body, resting and recharging, and deeply relaxed.
    • Imagine, as you lay or sit here, that you are being refueled with vital energy. Allow the body to rest and simply soak it up. Stay for at least 5-10 minutes, or longer if needed.

    • If you notice tension anywhere in the body as you journey through closing down apps, breathe deeply and visualize that area expanding as you inhale, and releasing as you exhale.




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