Explore Our Yoga-Based Movement, Meditation and Mindfulness (MMM) Programs


Kids MMM

Super creative and educational classes are themed for kids to enjoy, stretch, grow and learn – from Lego Movie to State Capital themes, Kids’ MMM engage little ones, encouraging children to stretch their bodies and minds through imaginative play, song, dance and games. Classic yoga stretches are renamed from one class to the next, capturing the imaginations of kiddos and allowing them to experience and benefit from movement, meditation and mindfulness techniques disguised as a fun journey. Sshh, we won’t tell them it’s good for them!

Kids Adaptive and Accessible Yoga KAY

Kids Adaptive and Accessible Yoga – is a highly adaptive teaching method that retains all of the fun of kids’ yoga while remaining inclusive and accessible to ALL children. KAY sessions are adapted for those with differing abilities, special needs, illness, physical or developmental delays. KAY sessions are extremely creative and themed to capture young imaginations and captivate the spirit – while supporting wellness, recovery,  pain control, and empowering kiddos with coping skills needed to face challenges.

Family MMM

Family Movement, Meditation and Mindfulness unites families, inspiring play and fun while creating healthy habits together. So what if Dad is asked to moo like a cow? The kids will get a kick out of it and Dad will enjoy the same benefits he would from an adult yoga class with a few extra laughs and some fun games and activities thrown in for good measure. Our family sessions will get the family off the couch, away from the electronics, and enjoying some good old fashioned fun, health-filled, quality time together.

YOung and YOuthful MMM

As we age, flexibility, balance, and strength are the keys to enjoying optimal physical health and quality of life. We are human and life is not perfect, joints get a little creaky and body parts do not always, ahem, cooperate as they once did… and that’s okay. With a gentle and compassionate approach–and a little sense of humor for good measure–a Movement, Meditation and Mindfulness program can be tailored to meet your needs, incrementally strengthening and conditioning your body while fostering balance and flexibility not only for the body, but the mind and spirit too. As the ancient yogi’s said, “You are as YOUNG as Your spine is flexible”. You may not ever be twenty-five again… but, you could feel like you are!

Bed and Chair MMM

Work in an office and need a mindful stretching routine that can be practiced at your desk? You got it! Restricted to a chair or bed due to mobility restrictions or a medical condition? No problem! Do you simply not feel comfortable getting down on the floor or yoga mat? Hey, it’s not for everyone! Movement, Meditation and Mindfulness are personal and flexible practices that can be adapted for every body, anywhere. Chair and bed yoga is also available for children.

Flow MMM

Connect to and dance with your breath! This smooth flowing class will warm your body from the inside out, while stretching, flexing and balancing your body, mind and spirit. Be prepared to sweat… and feel absolutely fabulous after!

Gentle Stretch MMM

A gentler and slower practice with longer holds in stretches and a keen focus on alignment and proper breathing. Great for beginners and perfect for those who enjoy a slow and gentle practice.

Flow and Melt MMM

Flow and Melt is a restorative based practice incorporating slow, gentle, deliberate movement to warm the body as well as transition between postures. Posture holds are typically longer, 3-5 mins, and fully supported by props – very little muscle engagement or effort required! Yoga melt sessions allow you to completely let go and bliss out… Ahh, Yoga Melt!

MMM Yum (Yoga-based Restorative Stretching)

MMM, “Yum!” Nurturing and relaxing, MMM Yum is a delicious restorative style stretching practice that encourages the deepest levels of relaxation. Supported by props this passive style of stretching, gently stretches the body and relaxes the mind. MMM Yum will leave you completely chilled out and supplely stretched… as good as a massage!


Meditation can be tricky to learn, but oh so beneficial! For optimal performance, we all need to reboot our i-phones and computers every now and then, and people need to reboot the mind and body too! Mindful meditation and centering techniques can be incorporated into a busy work or school day, and guided meditations can help one to completely decompress and prepare the mind and body for rest and relaxation after a long and taxing day.

For pre-recorded guided mindful breathing and meditations, complete a soothing voice and charming accent, check out Lisa Roberts’ three albums, Breathe, Chill and Chill2. 

Mindful Breathing

On a day-to-day basis, people don’t really think too much about breathing. Which is probably a good thing – imagine getting distracted for a few minutes and forgetting to breathe? Woops! however, the breath is a very important and valuable tool, being aware of how it works and how to control it makes it s very powerful resource to have stashed in your proverbial toolbox. Unleash your Superpower, your breath with some mindful breathing skills.


Desk sessions, meditation workshops for busy people, lunchtime movement or group MMM classes as part of an ongoing corporate fitness plan, virtual sessions, you name it, we do it! From one-time workshops, to wellness seminars, to ongoing programs, you provide the space be it lunchroom, boardroom, corporate gym—heck, we’ll even teach on the rooftop or parking lot if the weather cooperates—and we will do the rest. Your employees will be fit, fabulous and focused— Read: healthy, happy and productive! What more could you ask for?